How to Climb WAY Harder

Come on, people! Move that legs and lets go mountain climbing! I'm sorry but I don't climb mountains. Its not my thing and its kind of exhausting. I'd rather sit here, eat this whole box of ham and cheese pizza and play video games. *silence* Thats a very productive lifestyle. I wish I could say I'm proud of you. But since I couldn't feel any pride for you right now, I might drag and then bring you with me to the mountains and if I suddenly feel good about you, I may not continue my brilliant plan. And one more thing, I'm not even asking you to come with me. I am commanding you. Is that clear? Right. So you will hike with me and I'll tell you what you'll get from it. OK?

Obviously, mountain climbing strengthens your cardiovascular strength. It will make your body go to work to provide fuel and oxygen for your body tissues. You know its working when you're feeling out of breath and your heart rate increases. Is this a good thing? Yes it is, dear one. According to the New Health Guide website, the stress involved in this exercise helps develop the cardiovascular system by strengthening the heart and lungs in addition to burning calories. This is a great option to incorporate in a circuit workout, especially between strength training exercises which are less intense as they will help you keep your heart rate in the right zone. Mountain climbing also strengthens your core. Your oblique, abdominals, and the muscles do the job and contracting for your core and torso.

Psychological benefits of mountain climbing? Absolutely! According to Jennifer Leigh, mountain climbing gives you the extraordinary meditative experience. Imagine being on top of the mountain reflecting about life. The peaceful and safe feeling gives you the focus and clear mind, away from all your stressors. In other words, mountain climbing provides you the relaxation you need. Facing your fears is like mountain climbing, too. It is like facing life. You do all the work to be at the top of the world. It is like a testing ground for you to face whatever fears you have in the real life your living in and take all the challenges it may throw. If you can climb mountains, why not life?

Mountain climbing is exhausting, you say, huh? And you think being a couch potato is not? *sarcastic mode on* Have a great and healthy life!

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