How to Crack and Open a Fresh Coconut Quickly and Easily with Tools that Everybody Owns

Do you ever see coconuts in the fruit and vegetable section of the grocery store but don't know how you would even open it once you get it home? Here is a great kitchen tutorial on How to Crack and Open a Fresh Coconut Quickly and Easily with Tools that Everybody Owns! When you see coconuts when you are on vacation they are already cut open for you so you don't have to worry about doing anything. Sometimes you see the people using machetes in order to open these hard shelled nuts, but who actually owns a machete unless you live on a farm or something? Many people love coconut and would love to buy them to have at home and knowing this simple coconut opening trick could mean eating some more fresh, delicious coconuts in your future!

Coconuts are one of the most amazing foods we find growing on Earth. The coconut tree is a very special plant because of all the different things they can provide for people. Coconut trees provide huge leaves that can be used to make a variety of things like woven mats, roofing material, wall panels, and much more. The trunks can be eventually used for their wood. The coconut fruit has so many amazing uses from its meat, to oil, to milk, butter as well as the water that is full of electrolytes and other awesome health benefits. Coconut can also be dried in order to make dried coconut flakes, shredded coconut, and coconut flour, which is much healthier than flour made from wheat. The coconut oil is used for a number of things. You can use it to cook with as you would with olive oil, coconut oil has a high heat tolerance which means that it doesn't turn toxic while cooking and maintains most of its healthy properties. The coconut oil can also be used in replacement of butter for baking, cooking and snacking. It can be used for body lotion, lip chap, hair strengthening oil, deodorant, as well as mild sunscreen. Isn't that amazing all of the things that coconuts can provide for us?! And that is just the inside of the coconut.

The outside, the shell of the coconut is able to be created into a hard wood that can be used to make jewelry, tools, utensils and much more. They also look cool made into light shades or bowls to put jewelry in or something. So after you eat up all of the goodness inside of the coconut, you can use the outside of the coconut as well for some fun DIY Projects. The shells if they are ground down or grated are also great for plants. If you weren't impressed by coconuts, you ought to be impressed now right? But you still need to find out how to open these babies up! This great tutorial comes to us from Brads Greenhouse & Gardening Channel on YouTube, which is a great place to find out about all things gardening. Brad shows us exactly how to open up a typical coconut with things that everyone generally has around their home. You will be happy to see that all he uses is a hammer, a screwdriver and a cutting board! Once all of the water is out of the coconut all you need to do is hit it with a hammer a bunch of times and it will crack open right in half! If it sounds too good to be true, see for yourself by watching the video. Its great that he made this tutorial a video so that we can see exactly how he does this amazing trick. Once the coconut is open, you can easily scoop out the meat and have a tasty treat! Check out more videos on his channel too!

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