How to Create a Pallet Coffee Table from Reclaimed Wood

Do you feel like you are a handy DIY-er ? Think you could make a coffee table? Might sound like a difficult and potentially expensive feat, but not when you use a plan that has been tried before and perfected, and uses reclaimed wood from wooden pallets to save money! There are so many great projects popping up all over the internet for different things to do with wooden pallets and this project is a great way to get that rustic yet chic looking coffee table you have always wanted.

Coffee tables at places like Bombay and Pottery Barn can cost quite a lot, yet some of them look like they were just thrown together with some old wood. The rustic look is definitely in right now in home decor. But instead of paying top dollar for furniture that looks like it has already been used, why not make it yourself and have some fun?

This project is outlined very well on the Instructables web site. With great photos and step by step instructions, you will be on your way to showing off your latest home made project to all your family and friends. It is sure to be very impressive!

All you need is a wooden pallet or two and some stain and of course your time and dedication to making this awesome piece of furniture. Wooden pallets are pretty easy to find and people usually give them away for free. The only tricky part is de-assembling the pallets because they are subject to cracking and breaking quite a bit. But if you have the patience and go slowly, you will find yourself with some great pieces of wood to work with! Once you are over with that stage the rest is the fun building part! You will have a beautiful table in no time! Try it out for yourself by following the link below to the "Instructables" website!

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