How to Customize Your Root Cellar Storage DIY Project

If you want to know how to create your own do-it-yourself personalized root cellar storage system, here are some easy steps you can follow and construct your own drawer storage system to keep your harvest more structured and established. These plans include aired shelves, divided drawers and other space in where you can put some other things you need. You can also use this idea in a garage, storeroom or other places.

Step 1 cut a plywood into 16-inch-wide strips and then cut it to the measurement of the height of your root cellar. You will need two strips for every ridge. Join those two together with 1-inch screws.

Step 2 in order to make sure all the cleats are the identical, placed the first of the story flush into the top of a standard and change the marks of the story stick to the end of the piece. To ensure they are in the same spacing, use the story stick on every side of standard and spot the entire standard with the same marks.

Step 3 shape the 1x2 cleats to the length of 16 inches. Afterward, put the cleats to the surfaces of the standards. Use glue (for woods) and 1-inch screws for drywall. If you noticed your cleats start to break, then use drill pilot holes for the screws.

Step 4 secure the standard to the walls, floor and ceiling by using the L-brackets, screws and solid anchors accordingly. The length and height of the shelves and drawers you create are defined by the spaces of your wood standards.

Step 5 build the ventilated shelves by cutting the 1x3 wood supports and make the board around inch shorter from the gap between the two standards. Place the slats on top of the two supports, put them around 1/8 inches far so that there will be space for ventilation. Then connect the parts with glue for wood and nail through the boards and its every backing.

Step 6 Setup the solid-bottom drawer by shaping a 1/2-inch wood. The measurement of the width must be around inch thinner comparing the space between the standards. Cut oval finger grips on the front with 1-inch spade in order to make the tip straight ends. Use wood glue or/and screw to join the box frame. Apply the glue on the base of the structure, put the plywood up and secure through the plywood with the frame using 6d nails.

Step 7 make each container by cutting 1x10 sides to the length and angle of your bin. Cut the 2x2 runners to a length 16 and attach them to each side using glue and screws. Place the two side parts upside down and fit the bottom, front, back woods using glue and screws.

This storage is good to keep your food free from mice,moisture and mold. This system will help to keep your food unspoiled. As long as you keep it clean and check your foods weekly, they should keep at a high level of freshness.

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