How to Cut a Tomatoes in 5 Seconds

Oh Tomatoes! This juicy red, fruit has countless benefits in health as well as in Beauty. Tomato is one great health food as it contains Lycopene, one of the nutrients that has a significant preventative value into fighting against Prostate Cancer. In fact, men who eat two or more servings of a tomato product reduces their chances on the Big C as compared to men who don't. For the women, tomatoes are a big help in guarding them against CIN or Cervical Intr-epithelial Neoplasia. Tomatoes are essentially high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Potassium and Organic tomato ketchups are proven to have three times the cancer-fighting effect as compared to non-organic ones.

On to the beauty department, Tomatoes are known to have been around for centuries in women's beauty rituals as these superfruits contains high levels of nutrients, minerals as well as antioxidants! Lycopene helps reverses signs of aging as well as give a woman a healthy, rosy glow as it is also a carotenoid that gives the tomato its red color. Tomatoes can be used in a variety of ways such as facial masks, organic hair serums, D-I-Y facial creams, Anti-sunburn solution and facial serum.

However, Tomatoes are highly raved about in the kitchen, and most dishes use organic tomatoes in them to bring in a hint of that sweet and sour taste that could never go wrong. Since some varieties of tomatoes are small, and sometimes it gets so tiresome to chop them off piece by piece, there is another easier option into slicing them in half in just 5 seconds! This easy tip is simply by covering the plate where the prepared tomatoes are placed with another plate of the same size and slice them off in the middle like you were a ninja. In this way, slicing tomatoes have become so easier to use for cooking and salad, and it does not cost a dime either!

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