How to Date Like a Wall St. Executive

Dating is like dealing with stocks on a daily basis. You trade and take a leap of faith. Meeting women is like being a broker in Wall Street. You don’t exactly know what is in store for you, but you invest anyway. There are days that the market is high, and there are days that will make you feel unlucky. Your outlook on dating has to be like a Wall Street professional trader or broker. You must be tough and ready for the next bidding and auction. You should always take risks and know when to be aggressive about it.

Not everyday is easy inside the stock exchange. It’s the same with dating; there are days when you will meet some women who are impossible and a complete control freak. The trading doesn’t end until you have finally found the right one for you. Just like what the great Winston Churchill used to say, “never ever quit”. What if you stopped trying to find that one person who is bound to be your lifetime companion on earth? What if today is the day you two are supposed to finally meet, but then you just decided to give up on it because just like the stocks sometimes; the market just went down.

We are talking about your self-esteem for that matter. In order for you to win this trading and not go completely bankrupt, the best thing to do is invest first in yourself. Self-love is a must. You can’t expect others to love you, and it’s even more impossible that you share love if you don’t even have it for yourself. Wall Street executives look respectable with their suit and tie, be like that when it comes to your life. Look dignified, and you will also attract someone dignified.

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