How to Go for the Kiss, and Get It

This one is money.

Do you get nervous when going for the kiss? Then this is for you. Because what would you say if I told you there was a way to move in slowly, confidently and powerfully and get the kiss?

You’d probably be willing to pay top dollar for that kind of dynamite information, right? You don’t have to – I’ll give it to you for free. Bet you’re glad you signed up for these emails now, eh?

First things first…

Most guys wait hours and hours and then lunge in for the first kiss. They get rejected because the girl is totally confused and, probably, freaked out. Other guys wait for the perfect movie moment to go for the kiss.

Perfect movie moments don’t exist and the kiss never comes. To guarantee you get the kiss, you need to do it smoothly.

But how? Here’s how:

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