How to grow square fruit! ($100 dollar watermelons??!!!)

Are you ready to have your mind absolutely blown away? No this is not another internet prank, it's the real thing, this is how to grow square fruit! ($100 dollar watermelons??!!!). Yes it's possible. Now when I first saw the title of this article, I thought for sure it was another Photoshop savvy person taking a jab at all the gullible people that roam the vast and entertaining realm of the internet. But then I clicked through, and was very intrigued by what I read. There truly is a way to grow square fruit at home with a little ingenuity.

First just take a second to really think about the implications of something like this... if you wanted to grow square fruit, how would you do it ? It's ridiculous because honestly it's just so simple that any one of us should be able to figure it out. But that's the thing about seemingly simple situations, they provide those duh moments where you feel stupid for not coming up with it yourself.

The craziest part may not even be that it's totally possible to grow these square fruits, it's that you can sell them for upwards of a $100! Now once everyone looks the secret they might not be able to fetch such a hefty price tag, but until then, maybe you should consider having your own farm stand where you can show off these strange but awesome fruit.

This article was originally published on the "Instructables" website, where there are plenty of great DIY tutorials to show you how to make everything from a barn to... square fruit. It was later featured in the "SHFT preparedness" website which is the site you'll be redirected to if you click on one of the links in this article. These guys have the slogan "The best prepping survival homesteading & DIY articles from around the world". So if you're interested in all things that have to do with DIY, prepping survival, and homesteading, then this site is definitely worth bookmarking for future reference.

There are plenty of things to learn and this site is a great resource to learn them. So first on your list should be trying your hand at how to grow square fruit! I mean who wouldn't want to sell or eat a $100 watermelon? Okay I wouldn't spend that much on a fruit, but of course there are always people out there who will amaze you. Now I'm sure you're just itching to know what in the world would make fruit grow square. Well it would be boring if I just told you right here right now, it's more fun to build the suspense and have you check it out for yourself.

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Get ready to have your mind totally blown away!

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