How to Make a $500 Cinder Block Bench With Under $30 Dollars

One of our yearly family customs is to have a bonfire in our backyard or front our yard with some chitchats, a cup of coffee or cocoa in hand. We have a patio in our backyard, but the space lacked seating for all of us. Two days ago, I was busy roaming around the malls seeing some furniture stuffs like benches or any monoblock chairs available. BUT, I ended up seeing this cinder block bench when I passed by into a certain place outside the mall. I have seen similar cinder blocks before, so as eager as I am; I came to a design that will only cost me a little penny like $30.

Well, the price may vary depending your style! What I am trying to say is, my version of cinder block was quite not relative to what you had in mind. BUT still I’ll give you a hint on how much it cost.

Materials you need:

-12 cinder blocks ($1.09)

-Four pieces of lumber ($2.90)

-Liquid nails or an additional concrete adhesives ($2.52)

-Caulking Gun ($2.47)

See? The total price will only cost you $29.67 or to round it off to $30. You might also want to add some stuff like cushions, moulding, and paint. Are you ready to do your first DIY cinder block bench?


1)Start by constructing your bench posts, or legs. Each cinder post is composed of 3 blocks. One horizontal block lay directly on top of two others. Leave each room a space according to your desire in order to fit your cushions.

2)Supply the plank of wood through each of the top holes of the cinder block.

3)Now that your wood is in place according to your desire secure it with the blocks by using or applying some liquid nails. This process is just to see it that the wood planks would not wiggle too much.

4)This step is optional though if you want to be creative you can paint your beams. When they are already dry, you can add some cushions. If you have moulding, supply one to two pieces through the bottom holes and secure it with adhesive.

Congratulations! You then now have your cinder block bench. Check out ‘Simple Living’ website for more information.

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