How to make a driftwood lawn chair

Have you always wanted to give your porch that added 'oomph', or to make your lawn look more appealing, but don't know what to add to your porch or lawn? Oftentimes, the best decor for your wide lawn is a unique, rustic-looking furniture! In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make a driftwood lawn chair in 11 easy steps.

Among many homeowners, the most popular decor for a wide lawn is either a pink lawn flamingo or a garden gnome. While these two lawn pieces do look interesting, they are too common and just about any house today with a beautiful lawn has a flamingo or a gnome. To stand out, consider adding some uniquely designed furniture to your lawn. In this case, we recommend a driftwood lawn chair you can DIY.

Why DIY?

DIY furniture is highly preferred by just about anyone because it is affordable, unique, and often results from a labor of love. Making your own lawn furniture can also be a fun hobby, or a bonding activity for you and your kids. DIY furniture, especially something rustic and out-of-the-box like a driftwood lawn chair can also be an interesting conversation piece that your neighbors will love talking, and asking you, about.

Find the instructions

You can find the instructions to this unique and fun DIY project at an Instructable page written by user 'aledt'. The most important material to make this driftwood lawn chair is naturally, some driftwood. Make sure to use driftwood that has been thoroughly dried by the sun, and to have minimal carpentry skills. Making this driftwood lawn chair only requires nine (9) tools, so not only is it a simple DIY project, it may also be an ideal first project for newbie DIY-ers.

Before you head on over to Instructables to start making your first driftwood lawn chair, make sure you have some protective gear for your hands and face. Good luck!

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