How to make a Folding Bench and Picnic Table Combo

Your patio or backyard is not exactly complete without some cool patio furniture like a picnic table. Of course you can always buy stuff online or from department stores, but it is going to be more fulfilling if you make it on your own. There is some sense of achievement right there that you will be proud of yourself after finishing it. But before you tap your back for a job well done on this project, it is best to make some research first on how you will be able to accomplish it.Today is your lucky day because we have here some easy and fun instructions for you to create your very own picnic table to be placed on your back porch or patio. The materials are easy to obtain as well because it is going to be a part of the package that you could actually buy for only $5! To get you even more excited, this is actually not just an ordinary picnic table because it comes with a fold-able chair built in with it! It is definitely not your ordinary picnic table.You can say so long to boring picnic parties and you donít have to sit on the grass anymore with this project. The best part is you could even take it with you if you want to go out of town! It is portable since it is fold-able. You can now have more fun doing outdoor activities without having to worry about where you would sit or place some of your valuables, because this table is going to do it all for you. So what are you waiting for? Gear up and ready yourself with the tools that you need and you can find all of them on the BuildEazy website below. Have fun!

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