How To Make A Spiral Herb Garden

Creating a spiral herb garden is not only easy but also it adds and beautifies your boring garden. Even if you are a beginner, you can still learn and follow these simple steps to creating a fun, beautiful spiral herb garden. If you love gardening, this might as well are suitable for your small backyard garden. This spiral herb garden is going to showcase your vegetables and herbs. Adding stone and elevation to a flat area of the garden is going to give you a surprisingly beautiful growing space.

Firstly, sketch the spiral shape on the dirt or soil and gather the right amount of stones according to your space and also the size of your stones. It is recommended to use the 4 river rock. If you are lucky enough to live near a river, you can gather your own. Otherwise, they are available for purchase from a supplier.

Second, based on the design you have sketched earlier, place the stones on the lines and make sure they fit together properly. You might want to place the flat surface of the stone at the bottom. Add the soil as if to build a wall, the purpose of this is to help support the stones. Dont forget to push the cracks between the stone so that it will support and act as walls.

Thirdly, as the wall gets taller, make sure the foundation is firm and start to build up the center of the spiral. It is important to cram down the soil and grade the soil as you build. After you have finished, you can see the form of the spiral structure clearly. Not only does it look beautiful but also adds an architectural feature to your yard.

Finally, plant your herbs and veggies. If you want to get a head start and see what you have planted and where in the garden, it is a great idea to purchase plants that are already growing from your local garden shop.

Herbs are very slow to get started and to get quicker results, purchasing inexpensive young plants is the way to go!

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