How to Make a Teddy Bear in a Minute

If you're an avid crafter, the internet is a gold mine for diy ideas and do it yourself crafts. In this video tutorial on Facebook, you'll learn how to make a cute little teddy bear in a minute. That might seem impossible considering teddy bears often take a while to stitch up and sew, but not these teddy bears. In this video from Baby's First TV, a Facebook page, you'll learn how to make a teddy bear out of a wash cloth, and it doesn't require any sewing or pinning. The bear is made from folding the towel in a very unique way and cinching parts of it off with elastic bands to make the ears and the head. The different folds also create the arms, the body and the legs of the bear, it's really quite cool to see one made and it's totally something that you'll want to try out to see if you can make one yourself. These would be really cute to make for a baby shower gift basket. New moms always need more towels and cloths than they did before. They could also be made out of small blankets for the baby with colourful patterns. Or, they could also be one of the fun diy projects you make with your own kids at home. Since it involves no needles or sewing, it's a great craft for kids.

All you need is a hand towel, some elastic bands and a nice little bow. Simply lay out your towel and fold it part way in, as shown in the video, and then begin rolling up the sides of the towel toward the centre of the towel until they meet in the middle. Then, all you do is fold the rolled towel in half and fan out the upper part of the towel to make the head and body. The head is formed by taking an elastic band and securing it part way down the top, and then the ears are sectioned off in the same way using rubber bands. The finishing touch is to add a nice bow around the bear's neck which looks really cute. You could have some fun and add some sticker eyes, a nose and a mouth on it, but it looks cute just the way it is. Think of different ways you could decorate the bear to make it your own style.

Thanks to DIY Craft Projects for all of the fun diy projects they share on their Facebook page and their website. This is a great Facebook page to Like so you always have great do it yourself crafts showing up on your Facebook Newsfeed. You can also go to their website where you'll find a ton of diy ideas and great home projects. More and more people are getting into diy projects these days as a way to bring some creativity into their lives. Instead of going to the store and purchasing every little thing you need, it's fun to see if you could make it yourself first. With all of the fun diy projects featured online there are hundreds, if not thousands of diy ideas for us to try out, and more new ones being uploaded every day. You can make your own home decor and furniture, as well as your own clothes and accessories. You can even start making your own gifts to give your loved ones, since everyone loves a handmade gift from the heart. Try making some of these teddy bears with your own towels at home first and see how they turn out. Enjoy and keep crafting.***

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