How to Make a Tiger Cake

This how to make a tiger cake recipe, is like no other cake recipe you've seen before! Not only does it look like a tiger on the outside, but it also has a fun tiger-like appearance inside as well. For this tiger cake recipe, you are going to be using three different colors of vanilla cake batter. You will dye some of it black and some of the cake batter orange, leaving a small amount of the cake batter as vanilla. You will also color some vanilla buttercream orange. You'll also need a buttercream recipe dyed white, black and yellow. You will also need some regular sized marshmallows.

To start making the cake recipe, you will need two 8-inch cake pans. It is also a good idea to have a few ice cream scoops, to use with the different colors of cake batter. You will start by layering cake batters onto each other. If you start with an ice cream scoop of black, follow by putting a scoop of orange on top, and so on. The weight of the cake batter will spread the cake batter out. This will make better sense if you take a look at the step by step video recipe tutorial. Once you have the cake batter in the pan, you will bake in a preheated 350 degree Fahrenheit oven for approximately 35 to 45 minutes. Once the cakes are finished baking, you can level them off.

Next you will put the cake off center on a cake board or plate (off center, so you have room for the tiger tail). You will start by icing the tiger cake with some of the orange buttercreams, on top of the bottom layer, so you can place the second tiger cake on top of the bottom layer. Now you will cover the entire tiger cake with the orange buttercream icing recipe. After the tiger cake is covered with the orange buttercream, you can start adding some dimension to the cake, with the other colors of buttercream icing. You can start by putting a couple of lines of yellow buttercream down the center of the cake. Then you will add a single line of white down the middle of the yellow stripe, and spread out. At this point, you can tiger stripe the design out, with the black buttercream. This will all make better sense when you watch the step by step recipe video tutorial. For this part of the design, you will need paintbrushes to brush the black to make the tiger stripes. It all looks very fun, and you will enjoy making this cake, it's such a fun design. This tiger cake recipe is sure to be the talk of any party that you serve it at. It not only looks great from the outside but wait till you cut it open, people will be raving about it for a while.

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