How to Make a Waffle Taco at Home

I love breakfast foods. Everything from eggs and toast to pancakes, waffles, omelets, and even from time to time a good bowl of porridge with berries. Yum. Breakfast is the most important part of the day – though there are those who will differ – and there’s nothing like starting the day with something that is not only hearty and nourishing but something that definitely has lots of flavor. Waffle Tacos is definitely one of those breakfast plates that will leave you feeling full, will take your taste buds on an exciting flavor adventure, and satisfy your grumbling tummy. Get ready for this new family favorite – it’ll definitely be something the kids or your husband will be requesting every weekend!

Waffle tacos sounds rich and a bit overwhelming but when you combine those classic flavors – fluffy waffles perfectly grilled to golden perfection with classic breakfast sausage patties, topped with your favorite fixings…oh my goodness!! So delicious!! And even drizzling some maple syrup ontop– again…absolutely amazing!! The dish itself makes a lot of sense, its really just putting together classic elements of all-american diner breakfast foods, right?! Just fold here, sandwich this there, and voi la! Besides, just think about the last time you ordered say, pancakes with a side of sausage or bacon. Normally syrup is present and you cant deny the fact that you’ve taken your fork and knife and cut away a piece of each element, squished it all together, and in one bite – enjoyed every chew. The flavors just go together so so well!!

If you’re in a pinch this recipe can also be done with ready to toast waffles – try to buy organic and as least processed as possible. I totally understand, sometimes you need something that’s quick and easy, ready to go.

Breakfast or brunch, plan something in advance. Invite your girlfriends, or have your kids plan a fun sleep over, and try making Waffle Tacos. Anyway, I encourage you to go on, check out this recipe or just assemble it as you please. I know you’ll enjoy every bite and may even just make yours even more creative with different components. That’s what’s great about breakfast foods is that you really have so many options, proteins, even just ways to make things more healthy, gluten free, less sugar, less fat, etc etc. My next experiment is a spin on grilled cheese – I’ll go with the same idea…take a waffle and fold it into a taco shape, add some yummy cheddar or even gruyere cheese, and if I’m feeling really piggish, add in some bacon…oh doesn’t that just sounds so good? Maybe I’ll go right now and see what that will end up tasting like!!

Til next time. Happy eating!

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