How to Make Amazing Homemade Butter in a Jar

If you are up for some homesteading types of recipes, this is a great tutorial recipe on How to Make Amazing Homemade Butter in a Jar! It can be fun to make our own dairy products at home, from cheese to butter milk, to creme fresh, and even sour cream, it really isn't that difficult to make your own dairy recipes at home. Its quite amazing to think that not even one hundred years ago people were still milking their own cows or getting fresh cows milk from a neighbour. Up until a certain point, people were used to being full sustainable and making do with what they had. People had livestock and grew their own vegetables, they really didn't need to rely on buying things at the grocery store or anything, there weren't even any grocery stores really back then any way. People would sell their fruits and vegetables, milk, bread, eggs and such at markets that would be once a week so people would have to stock up on the food items they needed. It was a very community focused way of life, and also a self reliant way of life.

These days we have gotten further and further away from that it seems. There are some people who are working to incorporate the old ways into their lifestyle once again, which is wonderful to see. Ever since the age of industry where people just didn't seem to feel like doing things for themselves any more, people have had to rely upon external sources for almost everything including food. This can put us somewhat out of touch with what we are consuming and it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle if one is not aware of what they are putting in their body. In the age of high tech, fast paced, consumerist lifestyle people have forgotten or not learned how to make simple things like this butter recipe. But its great that more and more people are seeking out homesteading recipes like this one that will make people more self reliant.

Butter is actually really quite easy to make on your own! It can be really fun as well, especially when you see the cost of it in the store and compare it to what it will cost you to make the recipe yourself at home. This way, you can also be absolutely sure of all of the ingredients that are in your butter. You can use the best, organic cream that was obtained from cows that were raised and kept humanely, without mass amounts of antibiotics and vaccinations. You have to be aware that when you are eating dairy or consuming meat you are absorbing whatever went into that animal as well as the animal product. So by making this simple recipe, you can be sure that your butter is the best butter around!

All you need for this butter recipe is a jar and some whipping cream! That is really all, plus your arm strength to mix it all up. For the recipe the people over at Happy Hooligans food blog used 35% whipping cream, you want it to be heavy enough to make that nice, creamy thick butter. Then, all you do is fill up the jar half way with the whipping cream and shake it up vigorously for a while. On the Happy Hooligans website you can see that even the kids of the household take part in this fun butter making tutorial. So if you had any doubts if you can do it right, you will be happy to know that if kids can do it, so can you! It's fun and its science, so it makes for a great learning exercise as well. Have fun trying out this awesome recipe tutorial and be proud of yourself that you can now make your own butter!

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