How To Make An Unforgettable Birthday Cake!

When you want to bake a cake for someone's birthday, or any other special occasion, it is always fun to take the creation to the next level of awesome. Carly Toffle shows us this beautiful cake, now you can make a standout birthday cake with her cool candy idea! Why not watch the video and try this candy cake out for the next birthday cake you want to make for someone. When we make cakes for special occasions, we usually think of using different techniques to make the icing look decorative, and elegant. Many people also use fondant to create little figurines to look like famous cartoon characters, or depictions of different scenes. The fondant can be tricky to handle, and requires a lot of patience and skill, so it isn't always the way you would want to make your cake. Especially if you are short on time to make the cake.

This cake is not only really cool looking, it would taste great, and it would not take as much time to make as the other more detailed cakes. When you see how she makes the decoration on the cake, you will immediately think to yourself, "I can do that!" . Basically all you need is your basic sheet cake, in whatever flavour you are making it, in this case she has used a chocolate cake. It looks as though she has already put icing on it as well. Choose the numbers or shape that you want to put on the cake, and print it out on an ordinary sheet of blank paper. Then cut it out precisely, and she shows how to adhere the numbers to the cake with tooth picks. Then, she simply takes a knife and runs it around the edge of the numbers she has pinned to the cake, like she is tracing them. Then, the number shapes will be scooped out of the cake, leaving some of the bottom in there. Be careful as you scoop out the cake, so as not to wreck the outline of the numbers.

It is so cool to see the M&Ms poured into the numbers and fill the spaces with rainbow colours in an instant! This would especially great for people who love M&M candies. To finish it off, Carly shows us how to line the outside of the number, with some blue icing in a tube, and it really looks clean and covers up any tears in the numbers if there are any. What a wonderful cake! It really makes for a fun and unique cake. She also adds some fun candles which are also very necessary for a birthday cake. So if you want a really interesting cake to make for someone, this could be the one to try out. It would be perfect for a boy or a girl, and would suit any age. You could even do a shape of the person't favourite team, or another icon they love and connect with. How much fun would that be? Make sure you watch the video, and save it so that you can have it stored away for when you need it. There are always birthdays coming around, so you will always need a cake recipe or two. Enjoy!