How to Make B Vitamin Water

What if I told you that by drinking those name brand Vitamin waters you are really just drinking a can of soda? One of the most important vitamins for our bodies to have if we want to stay healthy are B vitamins. These vitamins need to be replenished often because our body does not store them.

We see ads in the paper and commercials on the T.V. all the time for Vitamin waters that are supposed to help you replenish this essential vitamin in your system, although it turns out? These Vitamin waters can actually be about the same as drinking a can of coke a cola. No I am not joking about this. Regular Coke a Cola has about 39 grams of sugar, and 140 calories. Vitamin waters that the media trick you into buying have 32.5 grams of sugar in a bottle and anywhere from 100-125 calories. This happens because companies that sell vitamin waters make them with crystalline fructose, which is related to High fructose corn syrup, and isn't that something that doctors tell you to stay away from? In reality by drinking these waters you are not doing your body any good, the media is just very convincing in the way they advertise their products. They make it sound like itís good for you, so they can take your money.

Good news for you! There is a way to make your own B vitamin water; that is actually good for you, cheaper then buying bottles of vitamin water, super easy to make and delicious! Some of the things that B vitamins are good for include, making energy, growing, nerve function, healthy skin, regular digestive track, producing antibodies and much more! These are all things that are important for maintaining happy and healthy life.

The ingredients that you use to make it will consist of, rosemary, a sliced lemon, a peach, 5 or 6 watermelon or pineapple chunks, and a handful of raspberries. All you have to do is cut your fruit into around the same size pieces and place them into a pitcher. Simply fill the pitcher with cold water, and let infuse in the fridge for 12-24 hours! Donít forget to replace your fruit after a few days or so! And youíre done! All thatís left to do know is to enjoy!

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