How to Make Fire with a LEMON

Everyone can use a survival tip or two. You just never know when you might need to make a fire, especially if you are out hiking or camping in remote locations. In this video with over 22,000,000 views, you will learn the step by step on how to make a fire with only a lemon and a few simple tools. For the lemon simple life hack, you will need one whole lemon, six copper clips like the ones used for school reports, six zinc nails, some wire and some steel wool. You will want to watch the step by step video tutorial for this excellent DIY idea. In this video, I show you how to make fire with a lemon. This is an awesome survival tip and simple life hack that you dont want to miss.

Lemons can be a useful fruit to have when you live an off-grid life. Some of the natural, simple life hacks and DIY ideas lemons can be used for include using lemon water to help boost your immune system because lemons are high in Vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C is popular at fighting colds, and the potassium in lemons helps to stimulate the brain and nerve function and may help to control blood pressure. Lemons may also help to balance your PH. Lemons are an incredibly alkaline food, which doesn't seem possible given their sour taste. Lemons are acidic on their own, but once inside our bodies they become alkaline. Lemon water is a good diy idea to help with weight loss as they are high in pectin fiber, which may help fight hunger cravings.

Some of the other simple life hacks and DIY ideas you that might come in handy if you are living an off-grid life include the use of lemons to help boost immunity to fight colds. Nobody wants to get sick, and feeling your best is important, so this little fruit can go a long way in helping to curb off colds. To use lemons as a DIY idea at the first sign of a cold, help your body fight off the cold germs with high vitamin C of lemons. Try drinking some freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed into a glass of lukewarm water every few hours. Gargling with some lemon juice mixed with water is a helpful DIY idea for sore throats. You can also try adding a spoonful of lemon juice to your favorite herbal tea as another great way to soothe your throat. Lemons work as a diy idea and simple life hack for repelling insects. Most bugs just do not like the smell of fresh lemons. Mix some lemon juice into a cup of water and put in a clean spray bottle and then spray the lemon solution into the air near wherever you are outdoors. Another diy idea is to rub lemon peel directly onto exposed skin to keep insects at bay. Try spraying some lemon juice along your baseboards or windowsills to keep insects from getting into your off-grid house. Lemons also work at relieving stomach distress such as indigestion. Drink the juice of a lemon mixed in with some warm water after a meal to provide relief. If anything using lemons will always have your off grid house smelling fresh.

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