How To Make Oreo Panda Cupcakes

Black and white balls of fur, who doesn't think Pandas aren't cute? This endangered species of the bear family is gaining popularity just by their endearing and lovable physical attributes. Heck, I've wanted to have a baby panda as a pet ever since I was a little girl. Ever heard the phrase "You're so cute I could just eat you up!"? Well, with this recipe we, are going to teach you how to make cute, and yummy Oreo Panda Cupcakes and you get to eat them up!

This recipe uses a lot of ingredients, and it will probably take 1-3 hours to make because of the different layers and fillings to the cupcakes. It would also be more fun if two people work together in making this recipe so that you can finish faster, especially if you are making a whole bunch of panda cupcakes. But believe me, the finished product will be worth it. Not only will it be sweet to the eyes, it'll be a treat for your mouth and tummy as well. The video that you will get to watch has clear and precise instructions on how to go about making the cupcakes and decorating them. So, once you get the hang of it, they will be pretty easy to make.

The variety of flavors and textures this recipe offers is sure to make you crave for more. Oreo Panda Cupcakes are sure to be a big hit at any children's party. Think a safari-themed party, serving these delectable cupcakes is sure to create a happy riot among your guests. Can you imagine it? Tiny pandas at your fingertips, it might be too cute and adorable to eat, but who could ever resist an Oreo Cupcake? I thought so too.

Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the 'DIY Cozy Home' website below.

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