How to make Pierogis

You will want to learn How to Make Pierogis in this easy to do classic recipe. This tasty traditional Eastern European recipe has been around for centuries. This particular main dish recipe of how to make pierogis comes from the author’s Babci, or grandmother in Polish, and is over a hundred years old. Pierogis are a dumpling recipe made from unleavened dough that are filled with all types of goodness then boiled to perfection. After that, you can eat them as is, or you can fry them up with some butter. To make this pierogis recipe is a labor of love, but really worth the while, and you can make a large number at a time, so once you’ve cooked them, you can freeze some for posterity. Traditionally, pierogi recipes were made by grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, and daughters who would gather together prior to special holidays and work together to create large batches for the celebrations to come.

Perogi recipes are really quite versatile. Traditional pierogi recipes differ slightly according to the region where they were made, geographically, and they can be stuffed with just about anything from potato and cheddar, sauerkraut and mushrooms, onion and spinach, or even prunes, blueberries, and strawberries with golden buttered bread crumbs scattered on top. For this main dish recipe, the author has included four different sweet and savory recipe options for you to try as well as enough dough for you to try them all if you'd like. There are also instructions for freezing the pierogis in case you’d like to save some for another special occasion. As an added bonus, the recipe creator has also included one very special ingredient that her Babci had not thought of, and that is sour cream. Yummy, just thinking about these delicious, home-made-with-love-and-sour cream pierogis is sure to make you very hungry indeed. It must be time for dinner.

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