How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg, Every Time, Every Way

You will want to see how to make the perfect boiled egg, every time, every way! As eggs are the perfect single serving protein recipe, and a great recipe idea for breakfast, lunch or snacks. Eggs are just the thing when you are looking for single-serving protein bites. You don't need to rely on protein-powder energy balls, and prepackaged energy bars. Eggs are natures way of supplying us with what we need.

We are lucky to have this superfood made so perfectly by chickens. It is a versatile superfood that can be used for baking recipes to help bind together the igredients, and can be used in all sorts of breakfast recipes from omelet, strata recipes and frittata recipes. You can also use eggs whipped into meringue recipes or creamy condiments.

One of the most popular egg recipes is the hard boiled egg. Hard boiled eggs are a great on the go protein snack. People like them different ways from soft to hard boiled. Hard boiled eggs can also be used for an egg salad recipe, a great sandwich recipe for lunch. When it comes to making hard boiled eggs, it's not always easy to get it cooked just right. So this guide will help you get perfectly boiled eggs, every time, every single way.

To start you will want to place the eggs in a medium sized pot with some cold water. You will want to make sure that there is an inch of water above the eggs and you also donít want to overcrowd too many eggs in the pot. A little tip you can try is to add some vinegar to the water, so the eggshells will be easier to peel once the eggs are boiled.

The next step in the hard boiled cooking tip recipe is to place the medium sized pot on the stove over high heat. Then when the water starts to lightly boil around the eggs, you want to cover the pot and move it to a burner thatís not turned on or on top of a potholder on the countertop. Then you will want to set a timer depending on how you want your hard boiled egg done.

So the following are the times you will want to set your timer for, dependent on how you want your hard boiled eggs done. Three minutes is if you want your egg white soft and slightly gloopy, the yolks for this time will be completely liquid. At four minutes the egg whites will be set but soft and floppy. The yolks will still be runny, but a little more solid than three minutes. At six minutes the egg yolks will be soft but firm, with the yolks smooth and somewhat pudding like. At ten minutes the yolks will be completely firm, but the yolks will be creamy. At 15 minutes your hard boiled egg, will be completely solid.

Some hard boiled egg tips to know are that post boil, you want to dunk the eggs in an ice water bath for a minute. Then tap them on the counter to gently crack and peel them open. And if you followed the directions, you should have the perfectly hard boiled egg.

Have you ever wondered how to check for freshness in your eggs? Your hard boiled eggs will only be good if the eggs you use are fresh. So you will want to check for freshness. If you are unsure of your eggs freshness try dunking them in a glass bowl that is filled with water. If the egg sinks to the bottom of the bowl, it is 100 percent fresh and at its peak flavor. If the egg has one corner that is lifted, it is most likely a week or so old, still completely edible. If the egg is standing on a point, it is most likely a couple of weeks old, you will want to eat it right away. If your egg is floating on top of the water, this egg is super old, and you don't want to eat it!

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