How to Make Ugly Stained Cutting Boards WHITE Again!

Have you ever felt so disappointed after cleaning your white chopping board? “Disappointed? I feel cheated! How is it possible for something to turn stained after a constant washing and cleaning?!” *silence* Let me hug you, my friend. The agony is real, I know. Well, everything is possible. You imagine something to turn out the way you expect it to be, but it turns out otherwise. Just like our white chopping board. We wash and clean them properly but alas, it isn’t white anymore. The yellow stains have taken over its original color. *sighs* You want to maintain its whiteness, right? Here, let Rollie Brandt help. *winks*

Rollie Brandt is an artist from Minneapolis in Minnesota. She is an author in Snap Guide website. Rollie is also an artist, and if you want your pet or family farms to be painted, just go to her. *winks* Rollie is the author behind ‘How to Make Ugly Stained Cutting Boards WHITE Again!’ which is posted in the website Snap Guide. How to make it look new again? According to Rollie, we are going to need a sink, water, and bleach. “The combination of water and sink gives us the sign that we are going to soak the cutting boards.” That’s right, bud! Your chopping board is going to need a long time of soaking to retain its white color. “How many minutes do we need to soak it?” It’s not going to be minutes only. Spare your precious hour for the sake of your chopping board, my friend. One hour is all it takes to save its color. After that, you can happily stare at your new-looking cutting board.*winks* However, Rollie reminds, “Careful not to splash on your clothing or you can ruin a garment! Do not touch your clothes with your wet fingers. I do not think a guide exists that will fix the damage straight bleach can do!” Guys, we don’t want your clothes to be the next victim of stains, do we? So keep that gentle reminder.

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