How to Make Your Kitchen Sparkle in 15 Minutes

Cleaning the kitchenÖ Itís a tough job, but someoneís got to do it, right? And that someone is probably YOU, right? Believe me, I know all about it. Iím usually the one who gets stuck with this terribly tedious chore at my house. But today Iíve got news for you, me, and all of us. Itís all about cleaning the kitchen in 15 minutes! Can you believe it? Is this for real, and is it really possible? Well, according to this little article it is, and I canít wait for a chance to try it out.

When you got home from work last night, you had just about enough energy to throw some food together for you, your spouse, and your kids, put it in the oven, cook it, and then eat it before crawling into bed. You didnít even give clean-up a second thought. You couldnít. You were way too tired! And even if you had given it a second thought, you would have winced at the idea. Itís amazing how much of a mess you can make, even when youíre just making a simple meal. Sheesh. And why bother cleaning it up, anyway? Itís just going to get dirty again.

But when you woke up this morning and saw the state of your kitchen, well, that was another story. How on Earth did it get so filthy? You barely have any recollection of last nightís meal, you were in such a fog. But this morning, it feels like you are still dreamingÖ Or is it a nightmare? You canít even find the coffee pot because itís buried under all of that gooey sludge in the sink. Sheesh.

And so it goes on, evening after evening, morning after morning. How can you fix it? How can you get into a simpler system where everything seems to fall into place? You know other people who do it. People with six kids who always seem to stay organized. How do they do it, you ask? How in the big wide world do they do it?

Well, I can tell you Ė or at least start giving you the basics! And I can also tell you I am going to try this new system myself as it surely seems like it can work.

Here goes:

The first thing youíve got to do is make a list of all the lovely little things that are going to help you accomplish this monumental task. And once you finish this monumental task and start sticking to this plan, it will no longer be a monumental task. Cleaning your kitchen will be easy-peasy and it will only take you 15 minutes at a time. Sound good?

So, make a list of all your little cleaning helpers, like: dishwashing detergent, scouring pads, a dish cloth and a dish towel, a garbage bag and garbage can, a broom and a dust panÖ You know, stuff like that! Once youíve made this list, gather all of these items together. Now youíre armed and dangerous and ready to tackle that sweet kitchen of yours.

Next, clear out your sink and give it a quick wipe down. Fill it up with hot soapy water! Then scrape all of the food remnants off of your dishes and into the garbage can. I always rinse my dishes after this part, and then plop them all into the hot soapy water, but you be the judge. No matter what you choose, make sure all of the plates and silverware end up in the water. Let them soak there for a while!

You let your dishes soak so the hot soapy water will sterilize them and break down any of the hard-to-remove grunge. That way, your dishes should be easy to wipe clean afterwards. The longer you let them soak, the better. But make sure that water stays nice and hot!

Look at you! Youíre doing it; you are actually cleaning your kitchen and youíre making great progress. There are just a few more steps and then youíll be done. Donít give up now; you are on a roll!

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