How To Make Your Own Mason Jar Solar Lights

So summer is heading our way and while the beaches are for sure on top of our lists, thereís no denying in the beauty of a balmy summer night.

This season of the year when the sun is up, high and mighty has always been the time to ďde-stressĒ. Families, couples and individuals alike all plan this grand vacation as early as half a year ahead. We all want a great if not perfect summer time. Parasailing, diving, trekking and a lot more outdoor activities usually are the answers when asked on how your summer will be spent. But hey adrenalin junkies, what about our friends that would prefer a quiet time and would rather enjoy the sun in a more conservative way? There still sure are activities that would let you enjoy summer. Say, be it learning a new craft, going to yoga classes, taking a walk in the park or watching the sunrise from beginning to end, summer is still summer.

Whatever that may be, after your long list of activities for the day you definitely would want to just sit down and relax. Probably listen to music and relish the warmth of a lazy summer afternoon while it lasts. A cup of coffee and a good book may just make things better too. If in case you canít get home just before dark, thereís no need to fuss. Besides, who wouldn't enjoy a cozy night in the backyard with a relaxing music while you lay on your hammock. You would need a little lighting to complete that summer night feel and I have just the right fix for that.

Have you ever had to think what to do with those empty mason jars? Now you donít have to. You can easily put them to good use and make them into a mason jar solar lights. Hereís what you need.

1.A mason jar

2.Solar light


All you have to do is first; go buy solar lights with removable tops. Look for a jar where you can fit that solar light into. You would want to make sure that the solar lights fit perfectly to the lid of your jar so it dosenít fall off. In case it dosenít perfectly fit the lid, you can get artistic and use your tape to put around your solar light. Then you glue it on top of the jarís removable cover. After making sure the glue is dry, put the solar light inside the jar and seal the lid. Leave it out in the sun for 4-8 hours. Your mason jar solar light is now ready and waiting and lit up for you at night.

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