How To Peel A Clove Of Garlic Fast Without Touching It

Most of us have been frustrated at some point in our lives while trying to peel garlic. Some of those pesky cloves seem determined to hang on to their outer layer no matter how hard we try to remove it. Ever wish you had a simple, easy trick for peeling your garlic? Well, now you do. It's so simple it's hard to believe it really works. All you need is a bulb of garlic and a jar or container with a lid of some sort, large enough to fit the whole bulb.

Put your garlic bulb inside the jar or container, cover with the lid and shake it up. Keep shaking, and the garlic bulb will separate into cloves. Keep shaking more, and the peels will come right off the cloves. No smashing the cloves with a knife, no little bits of papery peel sticking to your hands, no stinky garlic fingers. Just a nice and easy way to peel an entire bulb at once. And some good exercise for your arms while you're at it.

What if you don't need a whole bulb peeled at once? Not to worry. Just pop your peeled cloves in a freezer bag, and they are all ready for you to grab in a hurry next time you are cooking dinner. Or put a few cloves in a jar and top with olive oil for a delicious and fragrant garlic flavored oil.

Garlic is not only a powerful flavor enhancer; it also has many medicinal qualities. Most of us could benefit from eating garlic every day. It helps to improve our immune function, protecting us against colds, influenza, and other viral infections. It also helps to lower cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease. Now you have an easy way to get your tasty and healthy garlic every day.

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