How to Pickup Girls on the Dance Floor at a Club

Guys, one of the things that I hear from the girls that I date, is just how they hate how men act on the dance floor. They compare club dudes to horny dogs desperately trying to hump their legs. Guys, it's true. Most guys act like dogs on the dance floor. Just because a girl agrees to dance with you, it doesn't mean that she is ready to grind her body up against yours.

Girls go out to the clubs to have fun, and to get attention from men (and women sometimes too). They will run from the guys who come on too strongly and their girlfriends protect them from the guys who try to hump their legs.

Why not give her something different? Stand out from the crowd guys, don't be one of those horny leg humping men-dogs.

Finding a Girl to Dance With

So you're on the dance floor and you want to find a girl to dance with. Alright, but how? Let's break down the dance floor landscape.

You will encounter girls by themselves on the dance floor (rarely)

You will encounter groups of girls dancing together (who have not yet been surrounded by men).

You will encounter girls who are already surrounded by groups of men. Sort of like a small center of girls and hovering around that center, are men, who are all trying to get the attention of the girls.You will

encounter dudes dancing alone.

You will encounter dudes and girls dancing together 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 (etc) but obviously paired up in some way, perhaps they are friends.

On the dance floor, there will be several regions. The front, the back, the sides and the corners of the dance floor. The actual location doesn't really matter that much, but what does matter, is that you understand that your position on the dance floor is important to your success in finding a girl (or girls) to dance with.

While on the dance floor, you need to having fun. You need to be dancing. If you look shy or insecure, you won't attract many women. If you're dancing solo it can be a little bit hard to loosen up and have fun, but you must learn how to at least appear to be having fun. Women watch for this. They are attracted to men who just seem to be having fun regardless.

The best way to find a girl to dance with, is to maneuver around the dance floor. You will encounter regions of the dance floor which are more or less densely populated by men. The more men around, the less that women are going to pay attention to you. They will be too busy with all the attention which they are already receiving. On a busy dance floor, there will frequently be new groups of women arriving and leaving, your mission is to maneuver yourself to a good region of the dance floor, a region with many women dancing together and few men who have noticed them yet.

This is easier to find then you might think, though, club game is largely dependent on the night, how many women are present compared to how many men are present. The competition for a woman's attention can increase a lot of there is a 2 to 3 ratio of women to men. Remember guys, women are looking for attention and fun, they aren't usually looking to really meet someone at a club, so, your attention or another dudes attention, it doesn't really matter that much to them who they are getting attention from.

So, maneuver yourself around the dance floor and look for groups of girls with less men around. When this happens, the girls will often be receptive to dancing with you, sometimes they will even initiate it. Sometimes, and best of all, if you encounter a group of girls who are all looking for attention, they may start competing with each-other for your attention.

Be mobile. Traverse the dance floor, and if the dance floor is over-stuffed with men or devoid of any nice looking groups of women, get off the dance floor and come back later.

Asking her to Dance

Pay attention out of the corner of your eye to who is checking you out. Make eye contact and test the waters by facing a girl and dancing with her. If she dances back with you, great, you're dancing. After this goes on for a little while, extend a hand (an invitation to dance) and then begin dancing with her in a more physically connected way, but don't go too crazy, don't start groping her. Dance with her, spin her, smile and release her, then grab her hand again and dance with her some more. Make her have fun.

When you do this, when you dance with a woman properly and non-sexually-explicit, she is going to notice that you're different from the other dudes that just try to grab her ass. She will probably stick around you for a few songs, you can try some very light conversation, but eventually, you're going to have to pull her from the dance floor to talk with her at all. If she's still dancing with you after a few dances, then you can pull her off the dance floor for a drink and a little bit of conversation.

Bump into Her

If you're unable to make eye contact with a group of girls, sometimes you need to be a little more forward. Hip checking a girl that you're dancing nearby can sometimes serve to loosen them up and get them to pay attention to you and dance with you, but not always. Read their body language, if they aren't happy about your advances, find another set of girls.

Kissing Her

It is remarkably easy to make out with a girl who you have already been dancing with for a little while. After a few dances, and after the two of you have already been pressing your bodies up against each-other, it's really a natural and easy feeling to to kiss her right there on the dance floor, but be warned guys, women do not want to be perceived as sluts. So if their friends might be watching, you might scare a girl away by kissing her, even if she actually wanted to kiss you. It's better to find an isolated spot whilst maintaining your close dance-built-up physical familiarity, and kiss her somewhere where she doesn't feel like she is being judged.

If the dance is going well, you can try a strait up venue bounce, say, hey, it's loud in here, want to bounce somewhere a little more quiet for a drink? Worth a shot. Who knows, the two of you might start a lovely romantic evening together in this way.