How to Prepare the Tastiest Pasta Dish in Less than an Hour

Need something new to serve the family this week? Here is an easy Skillet Pimiento Mac 'n' Cheese dish to add to the household menu. Doesnít it look delicious in the photo? This creamy, quick, and simple pasta recipe is inexpensive to make and can be ready in less than an hour. It only takes about twenty minutes to prepare and twenty minutes to cook this delicious pasta recipe for lunch or for dinner. What is it about the age-old macaroni and cheese dish that makes peopleís mouths water at the mere suggestion of it? Is it the creamy cheese, or is it the yummy pasta itself? Possibly, it could it be the perfect blend of both, especially when the cook seasons the whole macaroni dish with the right combination of spices. There are just so many different ways to prepare macaroni and cheese. Thereís the baked kind with lightly browned cheese and bread crumbs on top, but those fried in skillets work well too. If one studies this pasta recipe in a bit more detail, perhaps itís possible to see what makes this photo look so appealing. First of all, the recipe calls for penne pasta Ė a very interesting choice for a macaroni and cheese dish. Why doesnít it call for macaroni? Actually, penne pasta is a kind of macaroni that is much larger than the usual. It is neatly fashioned into tubes that are approximately two inches long. Another name for penne pasta is mostaccioli, but most people in North America refer to it as penne. Penne goes very well with sauces because the sauce fills the large gap in the middle so each noodle is literally bursting with flavour.

At this point, one might ask where did the term ďpenneĒ come from? Well, according to legend, itís because of its unique appearance. Each tube of pasta has diagonal cuts on the end that closely resemble the diagonal slits cut into the end of quill pens. Itís believed that penne pasta got its name from this very same similarity. Although this cannot be verified for certain, it is still an interesting story. Another desirable quality of penne pasta is its nutritional content. A cup of penne noodles can yield up to eight grams of protein, perhaps even a bit more. Itís also known to be very high in fibre. If you decide to use whole wheat pasta, your penne pasta will have an even higher fibre content. One cup of penne pasta can also provide one with a generous amount of B vitamins, folate, and thiamine, as well as the mineral selenium. It is also an excellent source of energy-boosting carbohydrates.

The spices for this Mac and Cheese recipe include salt, pepper, and paprika, but itís possible to experiment with other seasonings as well. Other spices to add could be garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, sage, rosemary, basil, oregano, or chipotle. For even more flavour, and to make this dinner recipe even healthier, itís possible to add vegetables as well. This penne and cheese recipe also calls for flour to help thicken the cheese sauce. A few good substitutes for white flour are rice flour, quinoa flour, Spelt flour, and amaranth flour, to name a few Ė this is just in case anyone in the household has a gluten sensitivity and needs a healthy alternative to wheat flower. This easy Skillet Pimiento Mac íní Cheese recipe will yield up to five servings, so one may serve the entire family with a single batch. The cost per serving is only about a dollar and thirty cents USD, which is very reasonable. At this low price, one could possibly make several batches at a time and then freeze them, so they can feed a family for a much longer period of time.

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