How To Preserve Fresh Herbs

Organic is the healthiest way to live. You must agree with us when we say that it is best when you are able to get your food right from the ground. Buying from a supermarket generally means that you're not even sure if they have chemicals sprayed on them to give them a longer shelf life.

It is hard to find fresh herbs that are not manipulated by the food industry or are not modified. There are places where you could still buy some real organic herbs like your local farmer's market. But if you are far from it, we are sure that you probably would just buy things in organic in bulk whenever you get the chance. We know how expensive gas is, so we have come up with a solution that will make you save money and energy. Let learn a method on preserving some of your favorite fresh herbs.

There are so many ways on how you could do it and here are just a few of them that you might want to start doing now. First, you can try freezing your herbs using your ice tray. You can easily turn your ordinary ice cubes into frozen herbs with this method.

Rinsing your herbs to make sure that they are clean. Chop the herbs into small pieces and fill the ice cube tray sections. Top the sections with water. Don't overfill. Leave them to freeze for 24 hours. Pop them from the ice cube trays and place them into freezer bags. It is a good idea to label your bags and date them. Now when you need some herbs for a great soup or sauce recipe, just add the frozen herb cube.

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