How to Remove Grease Stains from Painted Walls and Ceilings

An hour ago, you said something bad to your friend. Moments later, you realize that youíve badly hurt his feelings and you begin to contemplate about it; thinking of the ways to rectify what you have done. So you look up at the ceiling and stare at it pensively. After a few minutes of staring and contemplating, you ask yourself: How the heck did those stains reach the ceiling?! *silence* Ok, so forget about the contemplation for now. I know you likely asked the same question when you noticed the stains on your ceiling and some parts of your painted walls. Leaves you the big question mark, right? But itís there already. All we have to do now is remove them!

The kitchen is highly threatened by stains. Grease and oil, as stated in ĎHow to Clean Stuffí website, are a common occurrence in the kitchen. Well, I just checked my kitchen to confirm, and called a couple of friends to check theirs too. It really is a common occurrence! Now, Iím starting to fuss about it. I do not want to live with those stains forever, and neither do you. We must do something right now. We are going to need grease fighting cleaner, water, soft cloths or sponge, and bucket or bowl. For the grease fighting cleaner, you may choose dawn power dissolver (mix with water), greased lightening, vinegar and water (equal parts), and mean green. Just choose whatever is most convenient for you. *winks*. However, it is also possible that the stains canít be eliminated by these cleaning agents. If that is the case then what to do?

Canít wait to get started? Iíll lead you the link. Click 'How to Clean Stuff 'website below and have fun cleaning! *winks*

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