How to Rescue Your Favorite Mug from Pesky Coffee Stains

You have your favourite coffee mugs, we all do, or coffee mugs that we have hung onto for a very very long time. After so many uses, the mugs can get nasty brown coffee stains on them so to remedy that we have The Best Way to Remove Old Coffee Stains from Mugs and Carafes! There are just some things you never want to throw away, and for some people they get very attached to a particular mug or carafe that they are especially fond of. When you use a mug every single day to drink coffee out of, you will notice that after a little while there will start to be dark brown or even blackish stains inside the mug. Sometimes they fill some little cracks, and sometimes it is a surface stain on the porcelain or the ceramic that the mug is made out of. You don't want to give up your favourite mug, but its starting to look like you never wash it. Well this kitchen tutorial is coming to your mug cleaning rescue!

If you have always wanted to know how to get those pesky coffee stains out of dishes, then this is the perfect blog post for you to read right now. I personally didn't know it was possible until I read this awesome post from the fabulous The Kitchn website. And no, that's not a typo you see there, the blog is actually called The Kitchn without an 'i' before the 'n'. The Kitchn features how to cleaning tutorials like this one, as well as recipes and advice. The recipes on the website are awesome as well, and there is such a wide range of different recipes so make sure you check some of them out while you are over there too. This great kitchen cleaning tip comes from Anjali Prasertong who is one of the contributing writers to the website. Anjali also has her own food blog called Eat Your Greens which you can checkout as well. Anjali shares that she knows all too well what it feels like to have coffee stained mugs and a glass carafe. You can sure tell she loves her coffee though! This cleaning tutorial couldn't be any easier, it does require some elbow grease but thats about it!

You will be shocked to find out that all you need to clean those stains off of your precious mugs, is baking soda. Yes, for real, that is all you need. That and a gentle scrubbing cloth. The baking soda is simply made into a nice paste and then the grains that it is made up of, go to work by gently scrubbing off the stains. The stains come off fairly quickly too, and you can work at them more over time as well and make it part of how you regularly clean them. You could even just leave the baking soda soak on the stains over night and let the baking soda do its work. Baking soda works to alkalinize, which can break down the stains easily without too much effort. Just the same way we know baking soda to work at cleaning or whitening our teeth, we can use it in the same way to remove built up stains from our porcelain mugs and glass carafes. The best part is, baking soda is so cheap, so you can do this more than one time and not feel like you are throwing money down the drain. Plus baking soda also makes for a great cleaning product because it is all natural and free from toxic chemicals. It is so important that we are mindful of what we put down our drains. No matter how great it works to clean our homes and belongings, if its toxic, we should keep it from going down our drains and polluting the Earth. But with this cleaning tutorial you know that baking soda won't harm anything!

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