How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl (And Guarantee A Response From Her)

Alright, right now, you are singing ‘There’s This Girl’ by Laza Morgan because… there’s this girl. *big smile* And because the universe loves you, you got her number. High five! You are one lucky son of a… *silence* You are one lucky guy! *winks* However, there are some aspects in your life where you are not so… fortunate. “Like what?” Like how to start a text conversation with a girl. “I know how to!” Well, start a conversation now. *silence* What? “Hi. What’s up?” Pal, clearly, you need help. The universe really loves you because you got me as a friend. Well, here are some pointers for you to start a text conversation with a girl.

How would you start the conversation again? “Hi. What’s up?” That’s a no-no, my friend. Starters like ‘Hey how are you?’ ‘Hey what’s up?’ ‘Hey’ ‘Yo, waddup?’ ‘Sup’ ‘Hey what are you up to?’ and ‘Hey how is it going?’ are text conversations that would not provoke a girl to reply. Do you know a girl will do if she get these text messages? “What?”... Select ‘delete message’. Simple as that, buddy! Such boring, unimaginative, and predictable text messages will never guarantee a desirable response! *silence* Well, except maybe for ‘Fine, you?’ or ‘I’m good’. Then what? Think about it, man. If you want a girl to smile when she’s texting you, you’re going to need more than those text messages.

According to Richard La Ruina from the Pua Training website, there are three scenarios to consider in starting a text conversation with a girl. The scene that I would like to highlight is the ‘got her number but haven’t texted her yet’ kind of scenario. Man, text her. She’s interested in you. Any man would be jealous at you right now, and you’re just sitting there eating a whole box of pizza and not texting her?! You’re impossible. La Ruina suggests, “The best way to kick off a text message and get her to text back is by arousing curiosity. Once you have her attention, it will be far easier to keep the conversation going and arrange a meetup. Saying something like ‘I hope you’re ready’ or ‘Well that sucks…’ will always get you a response. You can follow up with something funny or do some kind of text role playing.

Remember the key is stand out from every other guy that is texting her right now and saying something dumb like ‘Hey, remember me from last night?’” Now, get your phone and start texting her.

Didn’t keep in touch? Haven’t texted her for awhile? Or did you get her number from a friend? Click Pua Training’s website below for some tips. *winks*


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