How to Steal Pizza - The Perfect Crime

No matter how rigid a person's principles may be, there's something that, we must admit, appeals to all of us: the image of the clever thief. Really, it's true: cultures around the world are crowded with stories about the trickster character, a person (or sometimes an animal) who uses their smarts to outwit even the most intimidating foes, and claims the spoils for themselves. From the Robin Hood legends, to a huge genre of heist movies, to Irene Adler, there's something one must grudgingly admire about a clever thief.

Well, now it's time for you to learn their most cunning trick, and become the anti-hero of the day. The scene of your crime will be the kitchen: you've just made pizza for your guests, but with the aroma of fresh-baked pizza filling the air, you realize you want to keep most of it for yourself. Guests and roommates are always so selfish - dividing up pizzas equally and fairly between themselves. Surely you deserve a majority share for being the one to take the delicious pizza out of the oven. Surely they deserve to lose a piece or to for being foolish enough to leave you alone in the kitchen with their food. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

But how will you steal some without the others knowing? If you've ever tried sneaking away a piece or two of pizza before, you'll know that it's always terribly obvious when a piece or two is missing. And what's the fun of being a pizza thief if you're not too wily and witty ever to be caught? (Well, I guess there's the free pizza, that's pretty enjoyable).

Well, there's a trick to it, but it can be done. It's time for you to become a pizza thief extraordinaire: follow the link below to watch a tutorial on Youtube.

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