How to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs

Have you ever wonder how to make perfect hard boiled eggs? Simple! The best way to make perfectly hard boiled eggs is to steam them. People try so hard boiling eggs and expect it to be cooked perfectly, but now you can just steam them and expect great results.

Steaming the eggs allow the hot steam to soaks into the egg shell and thus making the egg easier to be peeled. This is the most accurate way of cooking hard-boiled egg and at the same time easy to peel. When steaming the eggs, the eggs will turn out good and not overcooked unlike the traditional boiling eggs way.

If you want to have the easy way to peel eggs or your cook needs beautiful peeled eggs, then you should try the steam boiled eggs. You can also set a timer to watch the steamer. Steamed eggs are good for all sorts of eggs. Below are simple ways you can do to steam eggs:

Step 1: if you are using a steamer basket, fill the pan with sufficient water probably about 1 inch. However if you are not using a steamer basket, you should only fill the pan with half inch of water.

Step 2: heat up the water until it is boiled which will then produce steam. Afterwards, put the eggs at the bottom of the pan and turn the heat to medium and cover the pan.

Step 3: steam the eggs for around 6 minutes (you might want to set up a timer for this), and you will get soft-boiled eggs. 12-15 minutes for very cooked hard-boiled eggs and so on.

Step 4: then remove the eggs using slotted spoon and place it in cold water or iced water so that it will immediately cool off.

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