So you finally acquired a lathe and you are feeling up for the challenge of turning a wooden bowl. Well now this is something that will definitely be worth your time engaging with, because the outcome is going to be an amazing piece of art for your home or office. A lot of people are wondering how they could add personality or character to their space. Imagine the simplistic beauty of a wooden bowl taking a decorative place of honor on your coffee table. This organic labor of love will be appreciated by all that look upon it. Have you ever felt the texture of finely sanded and worked wood. It is soft and luxurious and takes on a life of its own.

It will also be not just something good to look at, but it will be something functional as well. How? Like if you can simply have it as a key holder so you don’t end up looking for your keys whenever you try to leave the house. You could also put some coins in there which would be useful for that loose change, or maybe a some potpourri as part of the décor to your home.

This bowl will look so natural and not one of those commercialized designed pieces to fit in your interior needs. All your friends and guests would actually take a second look on how awesome it is and likely will be hoping that they get put on your list of people that you may just make a gift for! The instructions are not that hard to figure out and all you will need is focus to make this happen. The tools however are specialty items thatt you will need to invest in as well. To make sure that you do it right, feel free to visit the DIY Network website to get all the step-by-step details of this project along with the materials that you must obtain.

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