How-to Build a Log Bar Stool

Growing up in a family of log builders means that now the smell of sawdust and sap will forever remind me of my father. He loved (and still loves) to hike through the forest and find interesting pieces of wood that can be salvaged, given some love and then softened into the legs of a stool or a rack to hang at the door for hats and coats. He could see the beauty and uniqueness of each piece of wood and discover a way to make it into something special.

One of his specialties was making unique hand crafted wood bar stools of various shapes and sizes. For him, it was first a matter of finding that character wood that spoke to him about how to shapes it and use it as an accent to finish his piece. Because of his years of designing and building actual log homes on a large scale, he did not need to plan or draw his design, he just felt his way through the process from start to finish. After a day focused away in his wood shed, sanding and and refining, he would tell us to com'n out to see what he made. We would 'oohh and ahhh' in true amazement over his artistry and quick skill with this craft.

Building your own bar stool out of logs may be just a simple for you as it was for my dad, but perhaps this is your first one and you need that plan...those step by steps to get you from A to B. Better yet, watching a video can be almost as good as having a log master beside you to show you the way. Check out the video from at the website link below to 'Log Furniture How To' to learn how to build a log bar stool.

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