'I gave my dying son cannabis to ease his cancer symptoms and he made a miracle recovery' reveals mum

If you knew your child was dying or suffering from cancer, like Callie Blackwell, you'd probably do everything you could to help save your child. Callie gave her dying son cannabis to ease his cancer symptoms, and he actually made a miracle recovery. To look at Deryn Blackwell today, you wouldn't even know he had ever had cancer or had been as sick as he was. He looks like a normal, healthy teenage kid. But shortly after his 14th birthday, Deryn wasn't sure if he'd survive the rare form of cancer he had. He was in a lot of pain and frail from all of the chemotherapy he had done. He could barely eat and had lost all of his hair. Callie and her husband Simon had heard about some people using cannabis to relieve the pain and anxiety from cancer as well as other illnesses. The family figured what did they have to lose? Their son was dying so they were willing to try anything. They located some cannabis and brought it home to make it into their own oil that Callie gave to Deryn in very small doses. It instantly calmed him and relieved some of his pain.

Although Callie's not claiming the cannabis oil to be a miracle cure, she definitely wants more people to know about this natural medicine, and it's potential to help those with illnesses. She has even written a book about Deryn's amazing recovery from cancer so that other parents of kids with cancer can follow their story and know that there is hope for their child. The book is titled, The Boy in 7 Billion, and it will be available at the start of April in the UK. People can order it on the website and have it shipped anywhere in the world. There is some research being done in the UK regarding natural remedies for cancer including cannabis. The cannabinoids in the plant are the chemicals that attach to the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. There are two cannabinoid receptors which do different things; these are called CB1 and CB2. CB1 is for the nervous system, and CB2 is for the immune system. Researchers have been testing the effects of cannabinoids in labs on cancer cells that are grown or cancer in lab testing animals. What they have found is that the natural medicine from the cannabis plant triggers cell death in the cancer cells which will stop them from dividing and multiplying. This will prevent the cells from growing into tumors. The best results they've found come from using both THC and cannabidiol (CBD). CBD doesn't have the psychoactive effects that the THC does.

There have also been some problems the researchers have found too. Including finding out that the body can become resistant to the cannabinoids and the cancer cells can start growing again. So combining the natural medicine with modern healthcare like chemotherapy and radiation may be a good plan. There haven't been many clinical trials done on humans yet, but one was done on patients with cancer in the brain at a fairly advanced stage. Some of the patients saw immediate results and others saw none at all. But more research and clinical trials are being set up to research natural remedies for cancer including cannabis. With cannabis becoming legal in many states in the US and provinces in Canada, it may be time for the UK to start doing the same. Natural medicines like cannabis could be a great addition to the modern health care treatments that are currently provided. Plus, cannabis plants when grown can provide materials to make many other items like fabric, building materials and bath and body products.***

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