I Never Would’ve Thought to Put THIS Inside Strawberries. It’s So Clever!

If you love strawberries, you will be so into this awesome strawberry dessert recipe. I Never Would’ve Thought to Put THIS Inside Strawberries. It’s So Clever! Seriously, this is one of the best, easiest and probably a little bit of a healthier option when it comes to dessert recipes. Strawberries are one of people's favourite fruits of all time. These bright red, sweet and tart little bites of heaven are a gift from nature and could be enjoyed as a dessert all on their own. But it can be so much fun to try out new and exciting recipes, especially when you are looking to share the dessert with some friends or family. This cheesecake stuffed strawberry bites recipe will be sure to please any crowd, so check out the great video and try them out for yourself!

Strawberries can often be found in dessert recipes, whether you are making a whole cheesecake recipe and they are the topping, or perhaps a strawberry shortcake, or a strawberry cake. There is always strawberry crisps, as well as strawberry jam recipes, and strawberry crumble recipes. But I don't think there is any strawberry recipe that could be easier than this Cheesecake Strawberry Bites recipe. You will be amazed at how well these come out, and with little to no effort on your part. We all love recipes like that after all, don't we? All you need for the recipe is some strawberries, of course, cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla and graham crackers.

The steps to making this recipe are shown beautifully in the video from Noshing with Paris' YouTube channel. She shows herself crushing up the graham crackers in a plastic bag, calling it kitchen therapy that is pretty funny! Then, she puts the cream cheese and sugar with the vanilla in a mixing bowl and mixes it up with her mix master. You don't absolutely need a mix master, but it sure helps when you are mixing something as tough as cream cheese, especially if it isn't the spreadable kind. You can heat it slightly in the microwave too to help soften it up, but not too long otherwise, it could get too runny, and we don't want that! Probably the most time-consuming part of this recipe is coring the strawberries. She uses a knife on the video and just chops the leafy part of the strawberry off and then cuts the core out with a nice little paring knife. I have seen a kitchen hack to make this a little bit easier though! Take a straw, and once you have cut off the leaf, just place the straw over top of the circular core part of the strawberry and push it through! Easy, right?! Try that out when you make this recipe and see how it works. You will want a large and strong enough straw to get the job done easily, though.

Once all of the cores are out of the strawberry all that is left to do is to pipe the cream cheese filling into the top part of the strawberry! She shows you exactly how on the video. When the strawberries are piped and pretty, sprinkle with the graham cracker crumbs, which act as the crust from a normal sized cheesecake, and you are all done! You could even embellish a bit more and drizzle some chocolate sauce over top! Wouldn't that be decadent?! I am sure you are now thinking of all the different places you could bring these for people to enjoy. Make sure you check out more of Paris' awesome videos on her YouTube channel and subscribe if you like them! Happy non-baking!

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