I Saw... And I HAD to Try... Citrus Peels are Truly Special!

As the old saying goes, “waste not want not”. Have you ever thought about it? I mean, REALLY thought about it? What the heck does that mean, anyway? Basically, it means if you don’t waste anything, you won’t need anything. Makes sense, right? But if we consider, for a moment, just how much we do waste – especially when it comes to food – then this old saying is more of a curse than a blessing. , let’s stop wasting our food and have a look at what we can actually do with those non-edible bits that are still perfectly useful. Like citrus peels, for example. Let’s consider some really amazing uses for citrus peels!

Studies are currently showing that we waste more than a third of our food worldwide, every day. And in North America, organic waste (i.e. food) is the second highest landfill component. Each individual American is tossing away about twenty pounds of food a month. And, when we stop to consider rotting organic matter is the top source of the world’s methane emissions, that’s when we’ve really got to start taking our actions into account. Everything we do matters, including throwing our waste away.

I know it can sound overwhelming, but we can help even if we just start with one thing at a time. So how about those citrus peels? How can we save the world by recycling them? Let’s have a look!

Citrus peels are truly special. They have a fresh scent that can make everything else smell better! They can be used as air fresheners as well as natural cleaning solvents and even mood enhancers. Perhaps we love throwing them in the trash so much because they even make the garbage can smell better!

You can place orange peels in your worst-smelling sneakers overnight or even for a few days to absorb unpleasant odours, kill bacteria, and leave them smelling fresh and clean again. You can simmer orange peels in hot water with a little cinnamon and ginger as a beautiful potpourri. You can use lemon peels as an excellent natural fertilizer for any of your plants that may need a little extra acidity in their soil.

In addition, you can sprinkle a little salt on your lemon peel and use it to clean a coffee stained mug. You can grind up your dried lemon or orange peels and sprinkle the powder into your waste and recycling bins. You can grind up your dried lemon and orange peels and also use them as flavourings for cooking and baking. Make sure they’re organic, though!

You can use an orange peel to scrub stainless steel. Use it in your sink – it will make it sparkle like new again. You can use a lemon peel with salt and a little lemon juice to scrub your cutting boards and butcher’s blocks as well. Not only will it leave them fresh and clean, it will also neutralize any bacteria.

You can collect lemon and orange peels, dry them out, and put them in a mesh bag. Hang the bag in a discreet area as an air freshener for any area of your house. You can also get really creative and make a decorative mesh bag that you would be proud to hang anywhere – not only as a decoration but as a goody-bag air freshener.

Lemon peels are also perfect for removing mineral deposits. Got a kettle with lots of buildup? Toss in a handful of lemons and fill it up with water, then bring the whole concoction to a boil. Then you can turn off the heat and leave it for an hour – or even overnight! Pour the mixture out and rinse your kettle. It will be fresh and sparkling clean.

Got a stained, smelly microwave? Cook lemon peels in a half a bowl of water for 2 to 3 minutes, then remove and wipe clean. Gotta love that fresh lemony scent!

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