I Thought She Destroyed This Cake...But Instead? She Created Something Genius.

Cakes are made from the mixtures of flour, eggs, milk, leavening agents, sweetening and the like. There are thousands of cakes recipes nowadays and it still counting. The Cake is so easy to make even small kids know how to bake delicious cakes.

During the primitive time, people started making cakes after flour was discovered. The term cake was used for the smaller bread by the Anglo Saxon. During those times, only the wealthy people can eat cake on a daily basis because the ingredients for baking were usually expensive and thus for the average people it is only baked for special occasion.

In east coast America, cakes were considered a sign of well-being. However, by the early 19th century, after the Industrial Revolution, baking became cheaper and accessible to many people due to the mass production of cakes and breads. Hence, baking soda and baking powder were created.

Up to this time, there are variety of cakes and bread available. Cakes have increasingly evolved and improved as time goes by. Cake such as the rainbow cake is one of the examples how cakes has become an art and not only food.

Rainbow cake is a cake that comprises of variety colors in one confection. It consists of bright colors, sponge cake and usually put in layers. Rainbow cakes were originated by the Italian people that lived in the United Stated during the 1900s. Some of the common varieties of rainbow cakes were called:

• Napoleon cookies

• Seven layer cookies

• Venetian cookies

• Seven layer cake

• Italian flag cookies

• Tricolor cookies

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