Ice Cream Stuffed Cannoli

Summer time is the perfect season to try out lots of cool and refreshing dessert recipes, anything that calls for ice cream, fruit smoothies, and popsicles. These "Ice Cream Stuffed Cannolis" are a twist on both ice cream and the Italian dessert recipe cannolis.

This recipe is perfect for cooling down in the summer, and it is extremely simple to make. You will need cannoli shells, room temperature ice cream, milk chocolate and white chocolate for coating, and sprinkles. Taking the room temperature ice cream, you'll want to stuff it into both ends of the cannoli, then put the whole thing into the freezer for one hour.

Next, you will want to melt the chocolate and use a spoon to put chocolate on both ends of the cannoli, then you will dip the cannolis into the toppings. Then you will again put the whole shebang back on the baking sheet and put the cannolis back in to the freezer to set. To get the full recipe and others you will want to take a look at the entire website as there are plenty of great photos of the ice cream stuffed cannolis. They are sure to be a summer recipe hit.

I found this recipe over at the “Brown Sugar” website. This food blog might have more categories of recipes than any other website I've ever seen. The blog is written by Nicole, who is a food and relationship blogger. Nicole is a relationship blogger who writes about her relationship with food, as well as her insights on love and all relationships. She also creates great recipes! Some of the recipes you will find on this website include: appetizer recipes, bread recipes, breakfast recipes, brownie recipes, cake recipes, candy recipes, casserole recipes, Christmas recipes, condiments, cupcake recipes, danish recipes, drink recipes, football recipes, ice cream recipes, main dish recipes, meat recipes, pasta recipes, pie recipes, salad and soup recipes, sandwich recipes, scone recipes, side dish recipes, and snack recipes. And believe it or not, this is only naming a few!

On Nicole’s website, you will also find her “Love and Podcast” episodes as well as relationship podcasts and all of her musings on love and relationships. There are a number of great videos to check out as well.

Nicole invented this recipe for Ice Cream Stuffed Cannoli all by herself! It all started with a very intense craving. For what, you ask? For Choco Tacos. What the heck are Choco Tacos? They are ice cream bars you can get, apparently, at your local grocery store – although I’ve never seen them! They are a twist on the traditional ice cream sandwich – instead of a sandwich, you get a “taco”, and they’re made by stuffing ice cream into a yummy waffle cone that is shaped like your everyday taco.

Nicole is so creative that when she got this craving, she started to realize she could probably make these Choco Tacos herself, but give them a twist of her own. And so she did – she created this amazing recipe for Ice Cream Stuffed Cannoli. And the funniest thing about it is, she doesn’t even like cannoli!

For the entire recipe and lots more, please visit the "Brown Sugar Mama," website.

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