If There Were a Dessert Category for the Nobel Prize, This Treat Would've Won It by Now!

This Classic S’mores recipe offers one of the ultimate sweet treats. Who doesn’t love fire-roasted marshmallow with a layer of milk chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham crackers? S’mores even have a National Day (which is August 10th, by the way) due to their overwhelming popularity! But what happens when someone ups the ante and creates an even more delicious-tasting S’mores recipe? Well, that is exactly what Dominique Ansel has done with his Caramel and Black Truffle Frozen Smores! Mmmm.

Dominique Ansel is a French pastry chef who owns his namesake bakery, which is located in New York City. Since opening the Dominique Ansel Bakery in 2011, Ansel won both Time Out New York’s “Best New Bakery” and Metromix’s “Best Bakery” within just four months. But while Ansel has been catapulted into pastry stardom, his roots are humble. Raised in a working-class family in a small city north of Paris, Dominique apprenticed at local bakeries after school and spent three years as a military cook in French Guiana. From there, Ansel found employment at Fauchon and in just seven years worked his way from a seasonal staff position to leading the restaurant’s international expansion and was responsible for setting up franchises around the world. Prior to opening his bakery, he became well known in New York as an executive pastry chef at Daniel, a French restaurant, and during his six years with Daniel he was part of a team that saw the restaurant receive its first four-star New York Times rating, as well as three Michelin stars. But Ansel is best known for creating delightful desserts, including the Cronut (a croissant and doughnut hybrid), Magic Souffle (which is noted as the only soufflé that does not collapse) and, of course, Caramel and Black Truffle Frozen Smores!

S’mores are actually a contraction of the all-too-common phrase “some more”. While the exact origin is unknown, one early published S’mores recipe can be found in a cookbook by the Campfire Marshmallows company, published in the 1920’s. There are many variations of the S’mores recipe, including Hershey’s S’mores chocolate candy bars and Pop-Tarts’ S’mores. While S’mores are a traditional nighttime campfire treat, Ansel’s Caramel and Black Truffle Frozen Smores recipe might be a little difficult to eat around a campfire.

The Caramel and Black Truffle Frozen Smores recipe isn’t widely shared by Ansel. But this S’mores recipe is essentially inspired by the Turkish dondurma. Two qualities distinguish Turkish ice cream from the rest: its texture and resistance to melting (due to the additional of salep, a flour that acts as a thickening agent and mastic, a resin that imparts chewiness). Ansel’s Caramel and Black Truffle Frozen Smores recipe is a chewy ice-cream that has been wrapped in chocolate feuilletine and is then enveloped in melted marshmallow and frozen. Sounds simple, right? (OK, I might be using a bit of sarcasm, but that’s only because this frozen S’mores recipe looks so incredibly delicious and I don’t have the first clue about how to make it!). So if ever you have the chance to try Dominique Ansel’s Caramel and Black Truffle Frozen Smores, they’re a must! (And if you wouldn’t mind asking Ansel for his Caramel and Black Truffle Frozen Smores recipe, that’d be great too – thanks!) Seriously if there were a Nobel Prize for a dessert category, Dominique Ansel would have won it by now! He just keeps pushing into the great beyond, going boldly where no one else has gone before.

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