If You Think Tacos Are Yummy, Check Out This Easy Cheesy Hashbrown Taco Casserole Recipe!

Prepare your tastebuds for the epic Cheesy Hashbrown TACO Casserole! Oh people of the world, there is one thing that we will always have in common regardless of who you are where you come from in the world. No, I am not talking about the fact that we all breathe in air and that we all live on Planet Earth. What I am talking about is our universal appreciation for the casserole. The word casserole comes from the French word, casse, which really just stand for a large baking dish. There are as many variations on classic casserole dishes as there are home cooks in the kitchen, which is a lot! Some common types of casserole include ragout, hotpot, cassoulet, tajine, moussaka, lasagne, shepherd's pie, gratin, rice or macaroni timballo, and carbonnade. Keep in mind when thinking about casseroles that these are all just a starting point. Yes, there are classic techniques to make certain dishes, but in general home cooks around the world are adapting these classics into their own family favorites and with the grace of social media, we all get to share in these!

This casserole that we are about to tell you about from the Midnight Baker, has a Mexican flare that will wake your tired tastebuds. The base of hashbrown taco casserole is a Mexican flavor ground beef mixture. It is topped with frozen hashbrowns and then finished with grated cheese. These are just the 'meat and potatoes' so to speak (literally and figuratively in this case)! What makes this dish even more special is combination of vegetables that are colorful and flavourful. This recipe is a great way to serve up some healthy protein, carbohydrates and vegetables as well all in one meal. And an awesome way to get your kids to eat some vegetables. This recipe would be wonderful for breakfast, lunch or dinner as it has everything you need for a hearty meal. This cheesy hash brown taco casserole recipe would also be great to make and bring to a pot luck or a dinner gathering. These types of casserole recipes are good to make ahead of time and freeze to be baked in the future. This is especially good for families on the go who need a meal quick. All you have to do is take the casserole out of the freezer and pop it in the oven, and you and your family will be eating in less than an hour. Great for those nights where you just don't know what to make at all.

If you love food, like I do, you will be ever appreciative of the technology of today that shares with us the best of the best of home cooking. For the full list of ingredients and instruction, you can find them on Bake at Midnight. The Bake at Midnight food blog website is filled with a plethora of amazing recipes that are collected and made by Judy. Judy is a widow and a mechanical engineer who has retired. She lives near THE Woodstock, where the festival took place back in the 1969, but she grew up in Brooklyn. She loves to cook and share her recipes either to people right in her home, or over the internet on her food blog. Judy also loves dogs and rescues them. Her food blog has a variety of recipes ranging from Appetizer recipes to Dinner recipes and everything in between. She even categorizes her recipes by the type of meat you want to use, and she also has a bunch of great dessert recipes to end your meals on a high note. Make sure you check out her well organized site! Happy Cooking!

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