Iím Flabbergasted At The Clever Thing She Does With Old Jeans! BRILLIANT!

This video will change the way you look at those old jeans you were going to throw away. Out of an old pair of jeans, this woman creates a diy cool project that you will love. You probably have a pair or two of old jeans lying around, and you'll want to take a look at this 14-minute step by step video tutorial on how you make a new top. The best thing about this DIY idea is that it won't cost you a thing, and you will feel good about the new piece of clothing you have created out of something you already have. DIY ideas are a great way to save money and make something of your own. Fun DIY projects are more popular than ever before especially with all the step by step video and photo tutorials you will find on the internet. You can find most any DIY idea that you can dream of from fixing your own washing machine to making your own furniture and more. The phrase do it yourself, or DIY first became popular and common in the 1950s. The phrase was used to refer to the popular trend of people taking on different home improvements and various other small craft and construction projects there were done both as cost-saving activities and creative recreational projects.

This is just one of the diy cool projects that you can make out of old blue jeans. Other DIY ideas you might consider using jeans include making a quilt or handbag, making pillows and so much more. Some fun facts you might not know about jeans include the orange thread that is used by the Levi Strauss and Company for the stitching of their blue jeans is trademarked. The thread is what makes the jeans distinguishable from other brands of jeans; the thread also matches the color of the copper rivets used. Rivets are what is used on blue jeans to help make them stronger especially when used on the pockets of jeans. Initially, Levi Strauss and Company used rivets on all of the pockets to include the front, and back pockets, but people complained that the rivets on the back pockets of the jeans were scratching saddles and chairs. So they began covering the rivets and then did away with them all together on the back pockets of jeans. The oldest known pair of Levi's blue jeans were 100 years old and were found in 1997. The first types of jeans came in two styles, to include an indigo blue and a brown cotton or duck. The first name used for jeans was waist overalls. The first label that was ever attached to a garment was a red flag that was sewed next to the back pocket of Levi Straussí jeans. Jeans were originally colored with indigo because darker colors work better at hiding dirt. When jeans were worn by factory workers would have zippers on the side. 20 thousand tons of indigo are produced annually for the purpose of dyeing of jeans. Indigo that is used for dying denim used for jeans is a very old color which was originally made from plants but is now made synthetically.

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