Incredible Log Home Stairs and Rails Ideas

So you're building a log house, but you're not sure what type of stair case you want? Check out these incredible log home stairs and rails ideas. Log railings for stairs in a log house is probably your first choice when it comes to materials to build your stair case and railings. The wood stair railing will match the best with the overall design of your log home, and give it a great look and style. There are packages available to build log houses, but sometimes these packages do not come with the interior finishings like the stair cases. The rest of the finishing is up to the customer to either do themselves, or hire out the work for a professional to do. Stairs can be tricky to build yourself, and they can require some building skill and know-how, to get all of the angles perfect so the stair case and railing is level. The wood stair railing must be created so that the rails are equally distanced from each other and spaced out properly. The steps of the staircase also need to be measured out and cut to equal sizes so that each step is the same size.

Stair cases can be made out of steel, metal, and of course, wood, or sometimes a combination of different materials. Choosing these materials for your stair case will ensure the longevity of the stair case as well as the durability. It can be dangerous to use anything less than the best quality materials when building a stair case because it might be more likely to break and cause injury to someone. Log Homes of America showcases some of their gorgeous log railings for stairs, as well as some wooden staircases with metal rail posts. The mix of the two materials gives a more modern and contemporary look, while using the log railings for stairs gives a more traditional and rustic look that would be appropriate for log houses. As you'll see in the photos of the railings, you can choose to have the logs left nice and large and round, or, they can be made into a square shape for a more modern look. The black metal rail posts with the natural wood rail, looks really stylish and would be a nice addition to any home. The one staircase in this photo slide show is made to look very natural and rustic, with thick logs used to make the railing, and logs cut in half to create the steps of the staircase, with the flat part of the log facing upward to step on, and the round part facing toward the ground.

Log houses need staircases if there is a loft space or an upper floor, or if there is a deck outside to complete the look of the home. Railings also need to be implemented for safety purposes. There are building codes in place that require railings for staircases, indoor and outdoor, and for lofts and balconies that are mandatory to include in the final build, otherwise, the building will possibly not pass the building inspection. Log Homes of America builds beautiful log houses and does custom millwork including building the railings on decks and inside so they are a great option to choose if you are looking for a company to build a log house for you, or to finish your log home building kit that you have already built the shell for. They have plenty of floor plans and designs to choose from on their website, so have a look around and see which ones you like the best.***

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