Iowa Fair witness says UFO followed Trump helicopter

It seems Donal Trump's bid for becoming president may be generating some otherworldly attention, as one Iowa Fair witness says a UFO followed Trump's helicopter at a recent appearance of Trump at the Iowa State Fair. Trump was giving kids rides in the helicopter for the event, even telling one youngster he "was Batman." He certainly made those kids' day, and earned some bragging rights from his stunt, because really how many aspiring politicians give kids free rides in their helicopters? Despite all the media buzz surrounding the event, one man managed to snap a unique photo of the helicopter as it was departing with what looked like an unexpected object following it. The object could be a bird, a plane, or something similar, but until photography experts clarify and inspect the image it is impossible to tell for sure. The photographer did not notice the other object in the photo until later when he was in the shade looking over his recently taken image, and he saw what could very well be a UFO in the picture. Time will tell if this is truly a UFO or some other explainable object, but for the time being it seems Donald Trump is being followed by a rather strange and indiscernible object.

Donald Trump is in the media nowadays for many reasons, he is the billionaire Republican frontrunner for president in the US and he has been well known for business dealings as well as his role hosting the reality show The Apprentice, where he takes great joy in firing people who don't show enough business sense. He has also said some pretty ridiculous things concerning political issues, and it seems the real news story concerning him is that despite all his eccentricities he is being considered a viable candidate for president. It just goes to show how much the political landscape has changed over the past few years, since in the past he wouldn't have been taken so seriously. He has generated so much buzz that now it seems to be possibly reaching as far as into outer space, since this UFO picture turned up right around the time he was getting the most attention.

On a personal level, I do believe UFOs and other alien phenomenon exist, even if in this case it is ultimately proven to be a normal terrestrial object. The odds that we are alone in the universe amongst trillions of worlds is incredibly small, so it seems likely some alien life exists out there. The idea that Donald Trump is being followed by a possible UFO is both entertaining and bodes well for his career in politics. Perhaps they simply wish to be taken to our future leader, Mr. Donald Trump, or at least he might certainly like to think so. Anything is possible, after all.

Now you can see this image for yourself, and decide if you think that it is a UFO following Trump's helicopter or simply an out of focus man-made object.

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