The Jurassic park movies were a big hit back in the day, and there are still no movies that come close to the epic adventures of the series featuring the grandiose dinosaur scenes portrayed in the films. But have you ever wondered is it true that a T-Rex couldn't see you if you didn't move? Well one scientist was set on testing that theory and conducting research to explore whether this is in fact true or not. Now it's not likely it will ever matter whether they can see you or not, since you likely will never run into one.. hopefully. But it's still an interesting concept to explore and a bit of food for thought.

In the end Dr. Alan Grant, a paleontologist, determined that these massive T-Rex dinosaurs in fact could see, and really well too. They have such good sight that it might even surpass that of a hawk or eagle, which certainly says a lot! This was all spurred by the scene in the Jurassic Park movie where the T-Rex is hovering around a group of people who are right under his nose, remaining motionless to deter the dinosaur from seeing them. They were successful and got away safely, but it made this question arise of whether that would actually be the case.

In order to test his theory, Dr. Alan Grant went ahead and conducted a series of experiments "Using these models, a laser pointer, a glass plate, and taxidermic glass eyeballs, Stevens performed experiments to determine the visual field, depth perception, and binocular range (the area that can be viewed at the same time by both eyes) of these dinosaurs.".

He published the results from his studies and 2006, which gained a lot of traction and interest from other scientists and aficionados alike. In the end it was determined that the T-Rex had impeccable vision and whether or not you were moving, he would likely be able to see you. In addition, if his sight wasn't enough to pick up on the fact that you were close, their incredible sense of smell would be the one to give you away. Especially as it's mentioned in the article “If you’re sweating in fear one inch from the nostrils of the T. Rex, it would figure out you were there anyway.”

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