Is PYRAMID found by NASA Curiosity Rover PROOF of alien civilisation on Red Planet?

"Is PYRAMID found by NASA Curiosity Rover PROOF of alien civilisation on Red Planet? This pyramid is leaving many people around the world wondering what exactly it is, and if it indicates an ancient civilization having lived on the Red Planet.

ALIEN searchers claim to have found a replica of one of Egypt's Great Pyramids in official NASA images of Mars, sparking suggestions that an ancient civilisation once lived on the Red Planet. YouTube channel, which focuses on the hunt for extraterrestrial life, has used video footage from NASA's unmanned Curiosity Rover space vehicle as the basis for the sensational claims. The pyramid is believed by the researchers to only be about the size of a small car, and could be the tip of something larger. The claims have led to a flurry of theories, including that the object may be just the tip of a much larger buried structure and would therefore be a grave marker or capstone. More realistic speculators claim it could just be a coincidental rock formation. It doesn't appear to just be a coincidental rock formation as the shadows and shape of the pyramid seem to perfect. There are others who are convince it is just a volcanic rock, and just like many volcanic rocks on the Earth, many volcanic rocks on Mars break and cleave in very sharp, angular ways.

A UFO, otherwise known as an unidentified flying object, is any apparent anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable as a known object or phenomenon. Culturally, UFOs are associated with claims of visitation by extraterrestrial life or government related conspiracy theories, and have become popular subjects in fiction. While UFOs are often later identified, sometimes identification may not be possible owing to the usually low quality of evidence usually photos or low grade video, related to UFO sightings (generally anecdotal evidence and eyewitness accounts). Studies have established that most of the UFO observations are just misidentified conventional objects or natural phenomena, most commonly aircraft, balloons, noctilucent clouds, nacreous clouds, or astronomical objects such as meteors or bright planets with a small percentage even being hoaxes Between 5% and 20% of reported sightings are not explained, and therefore can be classified as unidentified. While proponents of the extraterrestrial hypothesis suggest that these unexplained reports are of alien spacecraft, the hypothesis cannot be excluded that these reports are simply other more prosaic phenomena that cannot be identified due to lack of complete information or due to the necessary subjectivity of the reports. UFOs are sometimes an element of conspiracy theories in which governments are allegedly intentionally "covering up" the existence of aliens by removing physical evidence of their presence, or even collaborating with extraterrestrial beings.

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