Is this An Actual Alien in Stasis? Or the Coolest Bedroom Light EVER

Aliens are without a doubt fascinating, and the mystery that surrounds them makes us even more drawn into the idea of their possible existence. If you love them, then you will love this idea that we’re just about to share. It’s creating your very own “Glowing Alien in a Jar.” Instead of the usual night-light or lamp, you could use this in your room and get that cosmic and galactic feel going on in your space. It is also a good present for a friend who is celebrating their birthday, especially if they also are into aliens.

This project is going to bring out the geek in you and don’t worry because being a geek or a nerd is the new cool these days. The materials are easy to find and most of them, you could easily buy online. You will need a jar with a thick lid, enough to hide the battery pack and some of the LEDs that you will need to make it glow. You will also need glow water out of a fluorescent dye that came from a highlighter pen. And, of course, this project won’t be complete without your “alien embryo growing pet.” You can find it via The Space Store online.

Include a battery pack, ohm resistor, and some high power, ultra violet LED lights on your list of things to buy to complete this task. Once the materials are ready, the procedure will be so easy. Make sure that you read the directions carefully, and that's it! You're all set to have the coolest bedroom light ever. Giving this as a gift will also put a smile on the face of your loved ones. It will make them realize your thoughtfulness, because of the effort that you have put in to make it happen.

To know the step-by-step process of this project, check out the website "Instructables" below.

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