Is This the Skeleton of an Alien?

When it comes to extraterrestrial mysteries, it is best that you see it with your own eyes first before you can believe that they do exist. Because we always hear stories of their existence, for more of this stories validate nothing unless we have seen tangible proof of their earthly visitations. This proof must be documented and analyzed well before we can all formulate our own conclusions. Speaking of tangible proofs, what you are about to discover today might just prove that aliens have access to our planet. This discover comes in the form of what could be an alien’s skeleton.

It has been a decade ago since the bones of a 6-inch skeleton were discovered in Chile. It has a huge head and according to some DNA tests, scientists declared that the bones that were found belong to a human being. Despite that information from the experts, speculations still arise that it could possibly belong to an alien. Others are thinking that it could be an Atacama humanoid and the said skeleton was its aborted fetus.

Meanwhile, scientists at Stanford University claim that it is the remains of some mutated human being. There conclusions are based on the DNA tests that they have gathered. This discovery has led to the attention of independent media and other people who have always been curious about this subject. Stanford scientists made a documentary film called Sirius, where they confirmed that the bones discovered was from a human. So if this came from a mutated human being, then where did it originally come from before its mutation? Getting to the heart of the matter is sometimes even more intriguing. Could it be that there are still facts about this finding that are not being released to the public? Find out more on the website Mail Online and see more pictures of this unique creature as well.

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